Wednesday, December 29, 2010

An afterthought

Hey girls, you really think I should try the younger man thing? On most of these sites, I can specify their ages, but I don’t want to appear like a rampaging cougar.

Lacey's First Post

Hey girls, remember me? Lacey Rezanov Simmons, single and still unattached. Well today that nearly changed. I’ve had a consultant, Verill Harper, working on management organization in my company, and he did his presentation today. After he signed off the project he presented a bit more to me, in my office. We’d have done it there, on my office desk, if my son hadn’t walked in. Yeah, he’s twenty-five, but he’s still my boy. I changed his diaper, you know? And Verill is ten years younger than I am, ten years older than my son, Vance.

Vance totally doesn’t understand and I’m pretty sure when Verill left, he didn’t mean to come back. So, okay, I let one get away. I’m not pining for him, honest, but it made me realize that I really need to do something. I’m taking the challenge, but I want to start easy. Any ideas? Do these dating services really work? I don’t want to get involved with anybody I work with, but that’s the only kind of man I see these days.

Friday, November 26, 2010

I'm Lovin' It!

I don't know how I can thank you all enough. Having Con at my side (and in my bed *grin*) has given a new joy to my life, and I'd have never had that gleam in my eye on meeting him if you haven't invited me to join your Tempt the Cougar Blog.

As a special thank-you, I'm posting a photo of another guy who makes underwear look good. (The pix I took of Con are mine alone. Sorry, ladies!)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

ADDING HEAT is released today!

I'm so excited to say that Cris Anson has written Con's and my story and I'm blushing to remember how we got together. The cover gives you a little glimpse of how how we are *big grin*. ADDING HEAT is awesome!

Encouraged by friends she met at RomantiCon, widowed landscape contractor Giselle Sheridan decides she’s finally ready to take the cougar challenge and explore sex with a younger man. Except she’s too busy during planting season to go on the prowl.

CPA Conlan Trowbridge is battling the IRS deadline for his clients, but when Giselle saunters into his office with a tax question, all he can think of is sex. She’s all luscious curves and smoldering brown eyes, and he doesn’t care if she’s a dozen years older, she’s a wet dream come true.

Oh yeah, they’re both ready for some hot and heavy sex—in the tub, parking lots, their offices—anywhere and everywhere. But Giselle is afraid her age will eventually bother Con, and her longtime foreman also has designs on her, in more ways than one. When Giselle faces some hard decisions, will she ultimately be able to keep the heat?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I did it! I did it!

I'm a cougar! At last! And all I can say is, WOW, did he rock my world! Several times. And did he look adorable with his face covered with, well, juices. But gawd, I only met him on Thursday. How can he not think I’m a slut? I need my morning coffee. Plus I’ve got to focus on work until I get my crews out on the job, but will check in later, ‘cuz I definitely need your further directions and support.

And hey, this photo kinda shows you how Conlan is built, but with shorter hair. And yeah, he wears boxer-briefs and he really fills them out. Hoo-yah! (Yep, this photo came from Nicole's stash as well.)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanks For Inviting Me To Be A Cougar

Hi, all you cougars!

Sure, I’d like to challenge myself to be a cougar. But damn, I’m torn. I have a dozen young men on payroll. It would feel like raiding a high-school basketball game when my boys were playing. I try to stay away from the jobs because I don’t want my foreman to think I’m second-guessing him, but I do so love to watch them wrestling balled and burlaped trees into holes they’ve been digging. Especially in mid-summer, when they take off their T-shirts because they’re so hot and sweaty, watching those muscles bunch and strain, well, it’s enough to make me want to go for it.

I can just see the next ad I place in the paper: “Landscaper with twenty years’ experience looking for hard-bodied men not afraid to sweat or expend energy. Must be between 25 and 35.”
But suppose I do find someone way younger? What would my employees think? That I’m robbing the cradle? That I’m fair game? Eeek! They’ll send the State Police after me.

P.S. Thanks to Rissa, I found this photo of the type of hunk I’d like to meet. She told me about Nicole Austin’s inspirational pix. Whew!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

HAT TRICK, how I landed two younger men as my lovers

My dear Cougar friends, I have so much to thank you for and I hardly know where to begin.

But let me tell you where I begin from!


With my two lovers whom I might never had have had the courage to claim if it weren’t for you, I look out across the Seine to Sacre Coeur and smile in gratitude.

I do also wonder when we will have another new recruit?

Soon, I hope!

Come read my story, HAT TRICK, at

No longer Crazy in Texas, but Loving Life, Everywhere!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cougar Couples Who Should Be! Post your couple...

COUGAR GROWL at ROMANTICON was a fun-filled blast!
To give you a flavor, here now is The List created by the audience of those older women-younger men couples who should be together.
Choose your fave, BUT SEND US your own duos.
Here we go:
Betty White and Justin Timberlake
Faye Dunaway and Ashton Kutcher
Hillary Clinton and Rob Pattison
Rosemary Clooney and Michael Buble
Sophia Loren and Maxim Sharkovsky (sp.?)
Racquel Welch and Vin Diesel
Michelle Pheiffer and Taylor Lautner
Audrey Hepburn and Harry Potter
Vera Allen and Derek Huff
Julia Roberts and Chris Pike
The winner by applause?
Racquel Welch and Vin Diesel
Send us your own submissions.
Readers and Writers never get enough...of anything!
Then stayed tuned for 3 more Cougar Challenge stories coming soon, beginning with my HAT TRICK October 20.

Monday, October 11, 2010

One man or two, if he's younger I've got a wee problem, don't I?

This hot affair of mine with Trey and Gage is nothing like I have ever known, it is so thrilling.

But this afternoon, an acquaintance in town (whom I KNOW is just pea green with envy) saw me with both men and called me "a lucky old thing."

Suddenly, I'm not as concerned about the folks I've known for years, as I am the reaction of my only child, my son who soon comes home for the weekend.

Rissa, you have children. Tell me what you said to them. How you broke the news that you loved a younger man. I am in such a mess here, upset at myself, shocked and heart-broken, too, that I might just be a coward after all!

Autumn, you live near a small town. How do you deal with what others’ think of your relationship with a man who is younger than you are?

Lori, why do I have this feeling that I need to be just like everyone else?

Monday, October 4, 2010

Just only one good man, but two???

Be careful what you wish for, right? No sooner did I say I wanted to find a man and accept the Challenge and I've got TWO men walking in my door. Turns out they are friends of my best friend's fiance and here to stand up for him at the wedding.

But my problem now is not finding a younger man I could be attracted to, but choosing only ONE! Both men are absolutely to-die-for scrumptious and heaven knows if either one is even available, let alone open to a short romp with an older lady. Both of them are now upstairs sleeping. (I did tell you that I run a Bed and Breakfast here in town, didn’t I? I use it whenoften, especially with folks who are coming into town for the weddings I plan need a place to hang their hatsing in and out of town for the weddings I plan.)

But ALL suggestions for what to do are so welcome!

Monday, September 27, 2010

One Man of My Own? Please!

Dear Cougars, HELP! I've told you how I live in a small ranching town of two thousand--and trust me, I have looked for a man to warm my bed. Old or young, no man lives within shouting distance who thrills me! A young man in my bed sounds like a swell idea. Someone who has the stamina and the energy to give me one heart-pounding night of non-stop love.
But how can I take the Cougar Challenge if I can't find one?
I'm a widow. For five years running. And lonely.
I had a marvelous marriage and I miss my husband. But life goes on...and I feel it's going on without me.
I've read these books. I LOVE this COUGAR CHALLENGE. The women are gutsy, taking their lives into their own hands.
But a younger man?
Come on.
What can a younger man know what an experienced woman wants?
I like men. I love men. But damn, if I can find one in my one-horse town who appeals to me. Young. Old. Somewhere in between. Nada here in southwest Texas, honey.
And like the song goes, I'm not talking about forever, baby. That would be too demanding. I'm just talking about hooking up and hanging out. I'm just talking about tonight. And heart-pounding, inventive, scrumptious sex.
Are you a lady of a certain age with similar aspirations?
If so, tell me what I do, where I go to find a man with great moves and a love of women who adore sex. Hmm?
Crazy in Texas

Friday, July 30, 2010

Summer of the Cougar

Now available from Ellora's Cave Publishing

With the big four-oh looming, Larissa Cross is more than ready to shed the roles that have defined her and make drastic changes. Gone are the widowed Army wife, soccer mom and empty nester. She's even setting aside the schoolteacher until fall.

A naughty challenge issued by fellow erotic romance booklovers on their blog, Tempt the Cougar, has come at the perfect time and ignited Rissa's competitive drive. It's going to be a glorious summer full of hot younger man lovin' for a new cougar on the prowl. Rawr!

Tattooed and pierced fireman JD Harmon is tempting prey but there's much more to the hunk than his bad boy good looks. A one-night stand isn't in his plans, and sex--no matter how mind-blowing--won't distract him from his goals. JD intends to tame the wicked cougar and stake a claim on her heart.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Help! I need serious cougar reinforcement and advice.

After my husband died I didn't date and the few affairs I had were conducted away from my kids. Well, my daughter called this morning while JD and I were making breakfast and he answered the phone.

To say Mariah freaked out would be putting it lightly. The darn kid is too smart for her own good. She could tell from his voice that he's younger than me and she connected the dots with relative ease. You have no idea how embarrassing it is to be confronted by your child about your sex life. She threatened to come home or send her brother home to "kick some ass."

I took the cordless phone into the bedroom, JD followed and proceeded, distract me. Mariah knew something was going on. I told her that I'm single and in my prime, and that her father would have wanted me to enjoy life. JD wanted me to tell her about him and proceeded to do wicked things to me with his tongue. I had to end the call before I was moaning into the phone.

It's my own fault for putting this part of my life on hold and never letting the kids see me around men other than family. They just aren't prepared for the reality of mom being human and having sex. Oh Lord, what a mess! The last thing I need is my kids racing home to confront my much younger lover. Yikes! What the heck do I do now? How do I handle this?


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Do I Kill Rachel Bridges or Hug Her?

Hello. My name is Darci and I’m a cougar. Well, a cougar wannabe. Actually, that’s not right either. Let me start again.

G’day. I’m Darci, I’m Australian and my friend Rachel Bridges just laid down a challenge I can’t possibly refuse. Before I even knew I had a thing for younger men, Rach did (she’s quite intelligent, isn’t she?).

After only a few telephone conversations, Rachel realized what I needed and sent me the best kick up the butt I could ask for (although I’m still in shock that she did *grin*)—an invitation to join this blog and the amazing women on it.

Why the hell can’t a woman in her forties have the best sex of her life with a man in his twenties? Who decided we have to settle for the saggy-bottomed, remote-hogging men of our own age? Why the hell do I feel guilty when I flirt with a younger man?

Enough, I say! I want what society has long said I can’t have, dammit!

Rachel, I accept your challenge. This Cougar Down Under is ready to be tempted.


(BTW—I hope you like the pictures of some very delicious Aussie “cubs” I’ve included.)

(BTW, again. Is it PC to use the term “cub” or am I just bowing to the media’s latest manipulation of the English language?)

(BTW, one last time. I babble. A lot. Sorry.)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

On The Prowl!

Today is the first official day of summer break and the start of my new life. No more rambunctious fifth graders, classrooms or papers to grade. Robby is off to college for a special summer program and I'm living alone for the first time in my life. Talk about scary!

Sold the house, bought and decorated my new condo, packed up my "teacher" clothes and shopped for a sexy new wardrobe, traded in the minivan for a cherry red convertible and got tattooed. I now have a colorful butterfly on my right hip--just above my bikini line--to symbolize my metamorphosis from Army widow and soccer mom to cougar on the prowl. Rawr!

There is just one thing left on my list--the cougar challenge. Hopefully this will be a summer full of hot lovin' with younger men! I've got eight glorious weeks to play, although I'm not sure how to get started or where to find and stalk my prey. Maybe I'll head to the beach, sip a couple of margaritas and check out the scenery.

Wish me luck ladies!


Monday, May 31, 2010

Need a hug!

Hey, Cougars. I’m sniffling over my keyboard. Mark left today. I gave him one hell of a send-off! I’m going to worry about him. I’m going to worry about us, too, and maybe he isn’t the “one”. If it doesn’t work, though, I’m not going to blame it on age. I’m over that bull. We need to spread the word. Cougars of the world, take the challenge! You won’t regret it.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

All's well that ends well...

Hello, ladies! I have some great news. Sebastian won his fourth world championship! Yes, that’s right, we’re off to celebrate with a three-month trip to Asia. Bali, here we come. I’m not sure how great the internet connection will be at the beach but don’t worry, Bastian will be taking good care of me.

I think this will be a great chance for us to see how things would work out if I decide to accept his proposal. I miss him so much when we’re apart. I’m starting to forget why I thought it was a good idea in the first place.

So, anyone feel like visiting me in Europe next year? I think I’m going to need someone to hold my hand during the circuit events. Watching them live is scarier than on TV.

Besides… I know another hot young guy who could use a sexy Cougar.
Okay, Bastian’s giving me that look. Yeah, you know the one. Gotta run, I’ll write when I can!

Monday, May 24, 2010


OMG! Still stuck in the airport, no hope for making dinner. Hottest guy ever rescued me from splattering on the runway. Now sitting next to me since he’s heading to JFK too. You all are a bad influence! I can’t stop thinking about what he’d be like in bed. Blue, blue eyes. Body to die for. Sexy accent. Killer smile. God, he even smells good. I think I might have had a mini orgasm just looking at him. Too bad he’s probably not even thirty yet.

Happy Monday Morning!

Happy Monday morning, Ladies! I have three words for you. Hot. Heavy. Sex. Thank you all for your support. Any time I started to doubt myself, I thought of your encouraging words. I've got a week of fun to look forward to. I'll keep you posted.


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Driven - Now Available

Driven by Jayne Rylon

Buy now from Ellora's Cave

ISBN: 9781419927720

Book eight in the Cougar Challenge series. These books do not have to be read in order to be enjoyed.

Lynn Madison transformed from repressed corporate drone to bold seductress overnight when her online friends at Tempt the Cougar encouraged her to take charge of her destiny. Their advice haunts her as she drools over the hottest Italian Stallion on the planet while stranded in an airport.

Sebastian Fiori is a master of speed. A rally car driver, he’s used to winning on and off the track. He sees no need to brake around the sophisticate who revs his engine. After spotting Lynn’s decadent ménage novel, he prepares to take her for the ride of a lifetime—with his navigator, Mark.

Storm delays threatening Lynn’s brand new life would be far more upsetting if her young stud wasn’t offering a first-class ticket to indulge her fantasy on the way to fulfilling her dream. Neither of them expects their rendezvous to last beyond their transatlantic flight on his private jet. But sometimes there’s no escaping the forces of nature.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Grace has finally done it!

Dr. Grace McKinnon has finally taken the Cougar Challenge! Follow her tempting story of sex and romance with a hot, young army captain in Locked and Loaded.

I'm so proud of her. She's spent her whole life devoted to family and country. Now it is time for her to have some fun and what better way to have fun than in the arms of a sexy guy who sees her and not her age?!

I know things will work out for Grace and her captain. She has all of the wonderful cougar women who came before her to thank, especially her good friend, Elizabeth Winters. You can bet Grace will pay it forward.

Locked and Loaded is available today, May 19, through Ellora's Cave. Here's a blurb to wet your appetite.

Former army-turned-ER doctor Grace McKinnon is through with going to bed with nothing more than fantasies and a yearning to resurrect her personal life. She’s determined instead to take the Cougar Challenge with a flesh and hot-blooded younger man. She discovers the perfect opportunity steaming up the curtain of exam room four.

Captain Mark Bennington has been locked and loaded—ready for action—since meeting Grace. He’s on a mission to heat up the Boston nights while on leave. This sexy older woman is lighting his way, fulfilling double-time every sex wish he’s ever made. But it’s going to be the toughest fight of his life to convince her to take a chance on more than just a fling.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I've waited long enough!

Hi Ladies! This is my first time blogging. I’m a friend of Elizabeth Winters. She’s been trying to get me to take the Cougar Challenge for a while now, and guess what? I’m doing it. I have an honest-to-God date with a younger man, and a soldier no less. I was going to turn him down and yet I found myself saying yes. How often do you get a chance to fulfill a fantasy? I can be sensible some other time. Wish me luck.

Dr. Grace McKinnon

Friday, May 14, 2010

Lordy, ladies! Lee Blackhorse took the challenge!

You remember the gal who left a terrified, timid comment on one of Cam's old blog posts? Well, after a bit of encouragement, she jumped in with both feet, and OMG! You should see her gorgeous feller! (I have a pic, but 'll have to post it when I can get it out of Cam's clutches!)

She told me about the way all of you helped her to climb out of the rut she'd dug herself into. You are all so wonderful!

At forty-two, she genuinely thought she was on the shelf. When she posted to her own blog site that she was shocked and embarrassed to realize that she was having a big problem (her thirty-year-old weekend helper was looking damn good!) I told her she should ask you gals for help.

I am sooo happy she decided to do just that.

Lee's story is so fabulous, I just had to share it with you all.

Nothing but Sex releases today from Ellora's Cave, and I invite you all to read about her journey from nervous pussycat to full fledged Cougar. I felt so touched by her innocence despite her age and experience with a bad marriage. It's hard to maintain your ethics and your courage when life keeps coming back to smack you upside the head. She was lucky to have found your Tempt the Cougar blog last year, and she even found the courage to build one of her own, although she was too timid to post often, in case somebody saw it. LOL!

This is one amazing lady...following in the footsteps of nine other amazing ladies. I salute you all.

Here is a blurb from the book.

Lee Blackhorse is hardly Cougar material, no matter what her friends over at Tempt the Cougar say. A forty-two-year-old woman who lusts after her thirty-year-old weekend helper is just plain nuts. Or is she? Mike Running Elk is the sexiest thing ever to don tight jeans and a second-skin t-shirt. She’s secretly yearned for the man for years.

Mike has no problem seeing himself in the role of Lee’s lover. In fact, if he can just get the hot-as-hell woman to realize he’s plenty old enough to ring her bells, he plans to do more than just clean her barn and mow her grass. He’s waited for her long enough.

When Mike shows up at her door with an injured hand, he notices Lee can’t pull her eyes off his naked, ripped chest. Mike can’t believe she’s as oblivious as she acts. The ice has been broken and he intends to heat things up even more…

Reader Advisory: Our poor heroine endures some mild violence in a particular scene, but don’t worry—the hero’s got her back.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Read Lori's Story today in DRILLED

I've been following Lori Donovan's progress in her
'cougarfication' and it was so damn fascinating, I decided to write a book about it. Drilled is available today at Ellora's Cave and ties in with other great stories in the Cougar Challenge series. So pick up your copy today and see just what kind of guts it takes to go for it and live life LARGE.

Remember when you were in high school and there were plenty of young guys your age but you just couldn’t take your eyes off the good looking, athletic senior? He was mature (yeah right…big eye roll). He was smooth and, in our young eyes, sophisticated and waaaay cool. We couldn’t resist the appeal of this guy who seemed to have his act together. We even wrote Mr. and Mrs. Super Cool Guy all over our notebooks and made sure to include little hearts all around it. Ahhh, the good old days.

As we matured into young women we still hankered after the man who had his act together. He was smart, well-educated, and often made a very good living. No, there’s not a thing wrong with that. The older man is sophisticated, fun to talk to, and sexually experienced. You know, interesting. There is major appeal to be found with someone to whom you can really talk, who doesn’t get into weird and confusing head games, who doesn’t judge you etc.

Now who is to say that young guys don’t have the same thoughts and feelings about this? Do you think the high school underclassman didn’t secretly lust after the senior head cheerleader? Of course he did. It’s natural to find self confidence and experience attractive. Perhaps that’s the reason Cougar stories have become so popular. Some of the most beautiful, exciting and interesting women in the world are over forty. They are living life large, confident in what they want and, ahem, in WHOM they want. Many mature women who aren’t anxious for entanglements have been there and done that with ‘relationships’. They instead want the freedom to have some fun. Not a thing wrong with it. Let’s be realistic here, mature men have been doing it for years.

And why wouldn’t a young man not find a more mature woman completely refreshing? He doesn’t have to worry about head games, biological clocks, hints of setting up housekeeping and future babies. He isn’t ready for that yet and often finds a mature, attractive woman just the kind of romantic partner that appeals. And of course there’s that whole ‘sexual peak’ thing.
I’m not advocating being a cougar. Not at all. It’s certainly not something that appeals to everyone. Just saying, to each his own and why can’t a mature, totally grown up woman look where she wants for fun and sexual fulfillment? It’s a brave new world out there. Embrace your maturity, your wit and wisdom, and reach for what you want.

Buy DRILLED here!


A standalone story in the Cougar Challenge series.

Lori Donovan accepts the Cougar Challenge and pledges to snag a hot young stud, knowing it’ll be tough once she moves back to her Texas hometown. She expects barren plains and rattlesnakes but finds hunky Jackson Blue drilling for oil on her property instead. A driller. Hmm. Lori has a few ideas about that and just about all of them involve her poor, needy, sex-starved body.

Jackson takes one look at the curvy, sexy, older woman and puts his expertise into action. After all, drilling is what he does best. Against the wall, on the floor or in the middle of her bed, he’s the right man for the job. It’s a hot time in Texas when a tough, sexy drillin’ man meets a sassy cougar, and playing it safe just isn’t an option.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Gettin' My Growl On

Okay ya'll, I've been lurking but I figure it's about time I got my growl on as a bonafide cougar so yeah, here I am. No more stalling for Ms. Lori Donovan. After the margarita induced haze at RomantiCon and those little promises I made about finding my inner cougar, I'm ready to finally live up to the challenge. Getting geared up to move from Dallas to my little bitty hometown. I'm not expecting much in the way of available hot, young, gods but you can at least get an eensy peek at what I would loooove to find!

Am I nervous???? Hell yes, I am. Hold me up, ladies, give me a push. I'm praying really hard I don't make a damn fool out of myself here but you guys got your growl on so I figure I can too! What do you think?

I'll keep you posted. Whew!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Just Say No...

to tighty whities! Come on guys, there are so many other more interesting options to choose from. Boxers, briefs, snug boxer-briefs. And my personal favorite--commando. Yum!

Friday, March 5, 2010


I don't know if there's a name for it or what its called but I am in complete and total lust with that sexy deeply indented V that angles down and inward from a man's hips toward his pelvis. You know what I'm talking about? That delicious groove that makes a woman wanna trace it with her tongue. No, well I have pictures--a perfect six-pack. I'll show, you tell me if there's a name for it other than yummilicious. *BWEG*

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Anyone Have Some Matches?

Maybe if I start a fire one of these hot young studs will come to the rescue and liven up my day.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Oh what a difference a year makes

Happy New Year!

2009 was certainly a year of change for many of us. We let go of old hang-ups and insecurities and ventured out behind the safe walls we'd built to find that we are indeed still women with some fire in our furnace!

We made new friends, had lots of laughs and are now excited about what the new year has to bring.

Like some sexual excitement for the new gals among us:) Come on, ladies, get yourself out there and make 2010 not the Year of the Tiger, but the Year of the Cougar!

And just in case you need a visual, here's a small sampling of the fun we've had the past year. Revisting pleasures we'd forgotten we enjoyed so much, and trying some new things that popped our corks.

You know what they say ... you don't know if you like it unless you try it:)

Happy New Year hugs to all!!