Monday, May 31, 2010

Need a hug!

Hey, Cougars. I’m sniffling over my keyboard. Mark left today. I gave him one hell of a send-off! I’m going to worry about him. I’m going to worry about us, too, and maybe he isn’t the “one”. If it doesn’t work, though, I’m not going to blame it on age. I’m over that bull. We need to spread the word. Cougars of the world, take the challenge! You won’t regret it.



  1. Nobody knows what the future is going to bring. You have now, and now is pretty damn good. All you can do is enjoy the time you can carve with emails and letters, and hopefully a phone call or two, and then take it from there when he comes home. Oh, and when you come up for air, Kevin and I would love to have the two of you over for dinner.

    I'm so proud of you for taking the risk with Mark. This is the biggest, best "told you so" I've ever had the pleasure of yelling from a rooftop. Please give him our best, or better yet, give us his addy to send some care packages.

  2. It sounds like he might be the "one". But no matter what, he's important to you. So worry all you want, and come here for moral support. Send him lots of care packages with naughty letters. I'd want that if I were a soldier. Hmm, actually I want that anyway. Off to call my man.


  3. Grace, You are absolutely right! Age is NOT the main factor in a relationship's success. Never was.
    So many other factors decide that!
    (I run a wedding planning business and I see brides and grooms often...some for the second and third time around! So I KNOW age has nada to do with the ties that bind!)
    But trying to find a man--old, young, ALIVE and smokin' hot--is my BIG challenge.
    Hell, in the tiny Texas town I live in, no man exists who even vaguely gets me fired up.
    I've looked.
    I've considered taking the poor pickings. Just cuz there is nothing else.
    But I had a good man. A great man. For 22 years. Been a widow now for 3 years.
    And I am lonely. Not just for a good lovin', good livin' man to warm my king size bed, but to laugh with.
    The quiet of my house--and the silence in my heart---is driving me nuts.

  4. My fiance and I are 11 years apart and I couldn't imagine a day without him in my life. I too believe that age is only a number its what you feel in your heart that matters.

  5. Best of luck to ya. In the process of divorcing my husband after 23 yrs together. He's in the service as well. Deployments are what you make of them. Pray a lot. Take advantage of every second you get to talk to him. Most importantly, remember that no news is good news. Speaking of news. Don't watch it. Makes you speculate too much. Also, heads up if this is your first deployment w/him. He may not be himself for a while when he gets back. He may want some quiet time alone (after he's had his fill of you of course. LOL) Its all good. Have patience. It'll be a wonderful feeling to have him in your arms again when the time comes.