Wednesday, December 29, 2010

An afterthought

Hey girls, you really think I should try the younger man thing? On most of these sites, I can specify their ages, but I don’t want to appear like a rampaging cougar.

Lacey's First Post

Hey girls, remember me? Lacey Rezanov Simmons, single and still unattached. Well today that nearly changed. I’ve had a consultant, Verill Harper, working on management organization in my company, and he did his presentation today. After he signed off the project he presented a bit more to me, in my office. We’d have done it there, on my office desk, if my son hadn’t walked in. Yeah, he’s twenty-five, but he’s still my boy. I changed his diaper, you know? And Verill is ten years younger than I am, ten years older than my son, Vance.

Vance totally doesn’t understand and I’m pretty sure when Verill left, he didn’t mean to come back. So, okay, I let one get away. I’m not pining for him, honest, but it made me realize that I really need to do something. I’m taking the challenge, but I want to start easy. Any ideas? Do these dating services really work? I don’t want to get involved with anybody I work with, but that’s the only kind of man I see these days.