Wednesday, October 20, 2010

HAT TRICK, how I landed two younger men as my lovers

My dear Cougar friends, I have so much to thank you for and I hardly know where to begin.

But let me tell you where I begin from!


With my two lovers whom I might never had have had the courage to claim if it weren’t for you, I look out across the Seine to Sacre Coeur and smile in gratitude.

I do also wonder when we will have another new recruit?

Soon, I hope!

Come read my story, HAT TRICK, at

No longer Crazy in Texas, but Loving Life, Everywhere!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cougar Couples Who Should Be! Post your couple...

COUGAR GROWL at ROMANTICON was a fun-filled blast!
To give you a flavor, here now is The List created by the audience of those older women-younger men couples who should be together.
Choose your fave, BUT SEND US your own duos.
Here we go:
Betty White and Justin Timberlake
Faye Dunaway and Ashton Kutcher
Hillary Clinton and Rob Pattison
Rosemary Clooney and Michael Buble
Sophia Loren and Maxim Sharkovsky (sp.?)
Racquel Welch and Vin Diesel
Michelle Pheiffer and Taylor Lautner
Audrey Hepburn and Harry Potter
Vera Allen and Derek Huff
Julia Roberts and Chris Pike
The winner by applause?
Racquel Welch and Vin Diesel
Send us your own submissions.
Readers and Writers never get enough...of anything!
Then stayed tuned for 3 more Cougar Challenge stories coming soon, beginning with my HAT TRICK October 20.

Monday, October 11, 2010

One man or two, if he's younger I've got a wee problem, don't I?

This hot affair of mine with Trey and Gage is nothing like I have ever known, it is so thrilling.

But this afternoon, an acquaintance in town (whom I KNOW is just pea green with envy) saw me with both men and called me "a lucky old thing."

Suddenly, I'm not as concerned about the folks I've known for years, as I am the reaction of my only child, my son who soon comes home for the weekend.

Rissa, you have children. Tell me what you said to them. How you broke the news that you loved a younger man. I am in such a mess here, upset at myself, shocked and heart-broken, too, that I might just be a coward after all!

Autumn, you live near a small town. How do you deal with what others’ think of your relationship with a man who is younger than you are?

Lori, why do I have this feeling that I need to be just like everyone else?

Monday, October 4, 2010

Just only one good man, but two???

Be careful what you wish for, right? No sooner did I say I wanted to find a man and accept the Challenge and I've got TWO men walking in my door. Turns out they are friends of my best friend's fiance and here to stand up for him at the wedding.

But my problem now is not finding a younger man I could be attracted to, but choosing only ONE! Both men are absolutely to-die-for scrumptious and heaven knows if either one is even available, let alone open to a short romp with an older lady. Both of them are now upstairs sleeping. (I did tell you that I run a Bed and Breakfast here in town, didn’t I? I use it whenoften, especially with folks who are coming into town for the weddings I plan need a place to hang their hatsing in and out of town for the weddings I plan.)

But ALL suggestions for what to do are so welcome!