Saturday, December 26, 2009

Position of the week—The Pair of Tongs

I looked at the picture of this one and just laughed. Talk about superhuman strength. Who makes this stuff up? In this position, the woman hangs off the bed sideways, supporting most of her weight on one arm. The man straddles the woman’s lower leg while holding her upper leg…well, up. Might have to lift weights for a few months (or years) to be able to achieve this one.
Well, you gals threw out the challenge and all I can say is we tried our best to do The Pair of Tongs position. Sweet Mary. I’m not sure who worked that position out, but God bless their upper-arm strength. Ethan tried to help me get in the right position and we even—sort of—held the pose for a few seconds before I started giggling uncontrollably. At that point, it went downhill fast. My arm gave out, Ethan tripped while trying to break my fall and we both fell onto the floor in a heap of naked body parts. I have to admit it will go down as my favorite pose regardless of the fact we never did it, because as we were sitting on the floor laughing our asses off—Ethan told me he loved me. He loves me!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cam is having a Holiday

Not just any Holiday, mind you. I'm celebrating the release of the book Ciana wrote about me. Yes, this story is about me!! I can't believe it's real. Ciana sent me a copy and I have to say that reading my own tale was ... well, it was exciting.

I hope you'll enjoy reading about what happened the fantasies I had about being with a younger man become more than daydreams.

When Lee Holiday showed up in my life, I wasn't looking for anything but a night of steamy hot sex. And boy did he seem like just the man to fill the bill.

And yippee!! Lee made it clear that he wanted to ring my bell. (And yes, he definitely did. Repeatedly.) Can you say sexual nirvana.

Only Lee isn't interested in just great sex. He wants the hole nine yards. Eeek! I didn't plan on that. But then I never planned on feeling the way Lee makes me feel.
So, what will happen? Well, I can't tell you that. You'll just have to read the book. But hey, take a look at this cover. Can you say you're not just a little tempted to do a little fantasizing of your own about this oh-so-fine fellow?

Hope you'll enjoy finding out what happens! Just in case, click here to get a copy from Ellora's Cave

Oh, and below is a little blurb from the book.


Chapter One

Tempt the Cougar Blog

From Cam: Sometimes I really hate you, Monica. Well, not you. But that damn challenge you issued. Okay, so not even that. I hate that I’m a freaking coward who can’t screw up her courage, get out there, and try to meet someone. What the heck’s up with me? There was a time when I had gonads.


I did join a gym today. Okay, not exactly a walk on the wild side, but hey, there’s bound to be men, right? And I signed up for a personal trainer. At least that way I won’t be floundering around all alone while I’m scoping out the clientele.

And I swear, if I see a likely candidate for an adventure I’ll rope him and drag him home with me.

But for now, I’m waiting on my first session with the trainer. I hope I’m able to move tomorrow!

Hugs, Cam.

Camille finished her blog entry and tapped on the Publish Post button. Her friends probably felt sorry for her. All six of them had found men—young men who made them feel sexy and vital again. She wondered if she was going to be the “odd man out”, the one who couldn’t find a guy.

At the moment, she wasn’t sure why she’d joined this gym or signed up for a personal trainer. Maybe it had something to do with her ex-husband cheating on her with a woman half her age who had no jiggly bits except her exceedingly large breast implants. Maybe it was because she was feeling insecure about her body. Or maybe it was because all of her friends had guys and she had no one, and didn’t have a clue how to go about meeting men. At least not young, sexy men.

Cam’s self-confidence had pretty much been in the toilet since that day she found her husband Dan in bed with a younger woman. If the blow of him cheating on her was not enough, the gut-punch she felt when he moved out of their home the next day and into an uptown penthouse with the bimbo left her flattened.

Had it not been for the women she met at RomantiCon, a convention for erotic romance readers, she would have closed the blinds, locked the doors and wallowed in her misery.


The deep male voice had her glancing up from her iPhone. Holy mother of God! “Yes?”

“Lee Holiday. Your trainer. I hope I haven’t kept you waiting long.”

Wow. Double wow. She’d expected muscles. Maybe even lots of muscles. What she hadn’t expected was a freaking god. Silky, dark hair that nearly brushed his shoulders, eyes that rivaled the blue of the Carolina sky and a body that had her eyes threatening to bug out of her head.

Cam shoved her phone into her gym bag. “No, not at all. I was a bit early.”

“Mind if I sit?”


He took a seat beside her. “Before I can create a regimen for you, we’re going to need to go through a short assessment to determine your current level of fitness. And I’ll need to know what fitness goals you have. But I’d like to take a bit of time today to let you ask questions and decide if I’m the right trainer for you. Do you have any questions?”

“Not really. I wasn’t expecting—”

Fuck! Coming at her was none other than the poster-girl for breast implants who had broken up her marriage. Kandy.

She’d run into Kandy a couple of times since the divorce, both times at fundraisers. And both times Kandy had made a point of commenting on how Cam was always alone. She’d even had the nerve to ask Cam if she’d like to be set up with someone so she didn’t always have to attend social events alone.

Cam had imagined multiple and diverse ways she’d like to terminate the woman. But right now, Kandy was headed toward her and Cam was not about to go through a repeat performance of “poor Cam, always alone”.

“Sorry about this,” she blurted right before she leaned forward, clamped her hands on either side of Lee Holiday’s face, and planted her lips securely on his.

“Camille?” Kandy squealed.

Cam started to break away from the completely inappropriate kiss, but Lee Holiday wrapped one muscular arm around her and pulled her right off her chair and onto his lap, slanting his mouth over hers and turning her knees to jelly as his tongue plundered her mouth.

“Camille?” Kandy’s voice filtered in through the haze of lust that had Camille unable to form a coherent thought. Good god, could the man kiss!

Lee released her and gave her a sexy smirk when she swayed slightly.

“Oh my god!” Kandy wiggled up beside her. “I can’t believe it’s you! I mean I didn’t think you worked out. Oh my god, Danny will not believe it when I tell him!”

Danny? Oh ugh. “Kandy.” It took every ounce of control Cam possessed to utter the woman’s name without adding expletives before and after.

“Hi,” Kandy cooed at Lee Holiday. “I’m Kandy. With a K.”

“Lee Holiday.”

“So, you’re—friends with Cam?”

“Actually, Lee is my lover.” Cam almost looked around to see who the hell had spoken. Had those words actually come from her lips?

“You have got to be kidding!” Kandy screeched loud enough to draw the curious glance of others at nearby tables. Oblivious to everything and everyone save herself, she ran her eyes over Lee appreciatively. “You and…and Cam?” She giggled as she looked at Cam. “Aren’t you a little…mature for him, Cammie?”

“Actually, I think she’s just perfect,” Lee answered.

“Oh, Danny is so not going to believe this!” Kandy’s eyes narrowed fractionally then she smiled. “Cammie, you are bringing Lee to the fundraiser next weekend, aren’t you?”

Cam felt like the proverbial deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming semi.

“Of course I’m escorting her.” Lee once again saved her from coming up with a convenient lie.

“Really?” Kandy didn’t seem to buy it.

“Really,” Lee assured her and nuzzled Cam’s neck. “Honey, if we’re going to get a workout in we need to get moving.”

“What? Oh! Oh yes.”

“Nice to meet you,” Lee nodded to Kandy as he put his hands on Cam’s waist, guiding her to her feet.

Cam was mute as Lee steered her in the direction of the gym.

“You too,” Kandy called after them. “See you later!”

Cam felt Lee’s hand tighten on her waist as he steered her from the juice bar and into the gym. It was like a brand, searing her even through the layers of clothing. What had she done? And how in hell was she going to even look at him? Talk about a bad first impression!

“I’m going to assume that Kandy with a K is not one of your favorite people?”

“Not exactly.” She dared a look up at him. “Look, I owe you an apology. Kandy is… well, it’s a long story so let’s just say she’s something of a thorn in my side. Which doesn’t excuse my behavior at all and I’ll completely understand if you want to rethink being my trainer.”

“Are you kidding? And miss escorting you to the fundraiser and meeting the mysterious Danny?”

Cam grimaced. “You do not have to attend the event.”

“Oh but I do.”


“Let’s just say that I’m curious and leave it at that. For now.”

Cam felt a tingle of excitement. Was that look on his face what she thought it was? Was Lee Holiday attracted to her?

Suddenly the idea of attending the fundraiser had a lot more appeal.

* * * * *

Tempt the Cougar Blog

From Cam: Well, I sure can’t make fun of men anymore about thinking with their little heads. I swear all I could do was wonder if he’d be half as good in bed as I imagine. The damn man totally destroyed my concentration. All I could think about was that kiss. Oh god, what a kiss! I bet he thinks I’m the most uncoordinated, clumsy woman on the planet. I couldn’t even think about working out and made some lame excuse about having an appointment I couldn’t miss. But damn, I can’t wait for the next workout. I might not be getting any, but I sure as hell am having some good fantasies about it.

Cam leaned back and stared at the screen. Lee Holiday was, by far, the sexiest man she had seen in a long, long time. But it was more than his appearance. An aura of power and an unspoken promise of pleasure seemed to hover around him like an intoxicating cloud. She’d never felt anything like it and her first meeting with him was one of the most sexually charged events she’d experienced in a long time.

Fortunately, she’d be prepared for his charisma when it came time for the next workout and maybe she’d make it through the exercises without seeming like a clumsy oaf. At least she hoped so. Impressing Lee Holiday was now at the top of her priority list.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Let's get it on

Yeah baby! I've finally found my groove, my move... my rrrrrroar!

You won't believe what happened! Lee escorted me to the fund raiser last night. Talk about feeling like the belle of the ball! It was amazing and unlike my ex, Lee's focus was all on me. I kept waiting for the clock to strike midnight and turn me into a pumpkin.

And OMG, I had sex in the powder room! Well, sort of. Oral sex and let me tell you, the top of my head nearly flew off. It was... amazing. I couldn't believe that was me. And later, when we got back to my house.... well, let's just say that I have a new theme song ... and am ready and eager to explore multiple and diverse ways of getting it on!

I think I found sexual nirvana! And now I need to sleep. Or not:) Lee just came out of the shower and from the looks of things sleep ISN'T on his mind.


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Position of the week—Tigress

The one really puts the woman in control. It involves the man lying on his back while the woman sits on top facing away from him. Sort of like riding a horse backward, but what a ride, ladies! Talk about hitting all the hot spots. I had multiple orgasms with this one.

Grwrrr! Holy crap. Ethan showed up at my work yesterday and demanded that I take the rest of the day off. Said we were going somewhere special. We went out for a super-romantic lunch then he surprised me by booking a suite in the swankiest hotel in town. There was champagne and strawberries in the room and he’d even brought some romantic music and we slow danced! I was so hot for him by the time the music ended, I accidentally tore his shirt trying to undress him. We ended up on the floor as always and that was when I pushed him down on his back and gave him my personal brand of thank you in the form of the Tigress. Oh yeah, who’s queen of the jungle now?

Friday, December 18, 2009

Hot Damn!

OMG you won't believe what happened to me!!

I signed up at a new gym and went for my initial meeting with a personal trainer. So naturally like the eager beaver I am (no pun intended) I show up early. I was waiting in the juice bar (texting with Stevie and Edie) when the trainer, Lee Holiday, walked in.

I damn near swallowed my tongue (well after I rolled it back up into my mouth.) Can you say Hot - damn hot - crotch pot, pantie melting hot???

So, we're chatting and suddenly the bright moment turned to total crap because who shows up but Kandy. Yes, freaking Kandy with a 'K' - the barbie doll that my ex cheated on me with.

I don't know what possessed me. I just couldn't face another episode of her "oh Cammie, how are you, poor little lonely old thing." So I grabbed Lee and planted one on him. Yes, me. I did.

Well girls, I got quite a shock. He didn't shove me away or pull back. In fact, he pulled me right onto his lap and gave me a kiss that could've curled my hair without the permanent wave solution. It definitely curled my toes and flipped the on switch to the old libido motor.

I almost forgot Kandy with a K was standing there. Yippee, yahoo and big high five for me - I got to gloat over the total look of shock on her face. And Lee pretended that we are an item - which I'm sure frosted her wheaties.

It was a grand moment. Only when she left I felt more than a bit insecure and made an excuse to leave before the end of my session. Yeah, I know, chicken chicken. But I'm going back today.

Oh! And he told Kandy that he's going to be escorting me to the fund raiser I organized that's happening next weekend. WTF? I wonder if he was serious? Just in case I think I'll go shopping for a new dress.

And maybe a black lace thong. Hey, a girl can dream!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Position of the week—Clasping

This position is achieved when the couple lays on their sides and the man spoons the woman from behind. It certainly helps if your guy is well endowed, like mine! Clasping is great for slow, deep, sensual lovemaking and extra special for the woman, as it leaves the man’s hands free to explore other parts of her body as well.

Hey gals. Ethan and I are really putting a dent in that Kama Sutra list he made me write. Oh, did I mention that I just keep adding to it? Hee hee. I still can’t believe we’ve been going out for nearly a month! Last night, we ordered pizza in—you know how much my cooking sucks—and started watching a movie. Ethan whispered “Clasping” in my ear and before I knew it, we were naked on the living room floor, kissing and holding each other. I swear that man knows the positions better than I do. It was so incredibly romantic, simply lying in each other’s arms, so close it was as if we were one person. Of course, the fact that he has a huge cock certainly helped. LOL. He’d kill me if he knew all the things I share with you girls. Oh crap, there he is, beating on the door. Damn man never remembers his key.

Talk to you later.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hear me ROAR!

Oh. My. God.

I know I sound like a teenager saying that, but who cares? You know I was getting a tattoo the other day. Well, I did. I’ll post a picture of it, but what happened at the tattoo parlor is far more interesting than the ink.

I DID IT! The artist, Errol, was a HOT- YOUNG -STUD. Can you say muscle bound and bald? While he was putting on my tat, I looked over to the side a saw a picture of him wearing leather and holding two floggers. Uh-huh. Floggers. I got so turned on. He noticed and before you know it we were talking about sex. Ladies… he owns a private BDSM club. You know-- like in that book we were taking about at RomantiCon?

He invited me. ME! Yes, Monica, I went. And then I went back. The first night he introduced me to the furniture and the toys. I returned the next night to play with some other members of the club, a sexy dominatrix and her slave boy. Don’t every body faint. I met the Cougar Challenge. I will be seeing lots more of Errol in the future. He actually likes me. Can you believe it?

So, there you have it. I had two younger men and one younger woman…or rather, they had me. LOL

Monday, December 7, 2009

Getting Ink.

Hey ladies!

I decided to get a tattoo! Cool, right? I picked the Ankh-- the sign of eternal life and the soul. Here’s a pic of one. I chose the Ankh because it was on the side of that big mobile home EC had parked outside the hotel at RomantiCon. I was looking at the picture of the group of us and that’s when it hit me—it would perfect.

I know this may sound like a cop out to some of you (Monica), but I’ve not had much luck even convincing myself to attempt to seduce a younger man. So, instead of going out and having a disaster of an embarrassing moment, which would surely put me in therapy, I’ve decided to get the tat.

I love that you all have done it. You grabbed those hot men and made it happen. I’m even happier some of you found real love. This Cougar Challenge is just not for me.
Looking at them is okay. ;) I can do that, so I’ll leave you with some pictures of tattoos-- just for inspiration.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Kama Sutra anyone???

Thanks to Cam’s suggestion, I will now be sharing expert advice on the Tempt the Cougar blog in regards to various Kama Sutra positions—LOL. Not quite sure when I crossed the line from horny divorcee to sex expert, but believe me, I’m loving it on this side of the tracks. Check back next week for my first installment!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dear Santa...

I've been good this year - depressingly good. But I promise to be bad if you would just deliver the perfect gift to me this year.

Here's a picture so you'll know just want I'm looking for.

And hey, if you can see your way clear to fulfilling my Christmas wish, I'll slide down your chimney:)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

He Can't Be Real!

I see a guy like this and have to wonder how much of his appeal is due to airbrushing, digital manipulation and photoshop trickery.

Come on, ladies. How many of you have ever seen a real man--not some model in a picture--but a real man in real life who looks that good? Well, other than the gorgeous cover models at RomantiCon of course. Those guys are some of the sexiest men on the face of the earth!

But this guy, he wouldn't last 10 seconds in the real world without women trying to trip him and then fall all over him.

Sure, I've seen plenty of hot men before but...dayum! Nobody is that perfect. He's definitely wet dream fantasy material though. Oh yeah, I can see everyone racing for the fresh batteries and toys already. *BWEG*