Saturday, December 12, 2009

Position of the week—Clasping

This position is achieved when the couple lays on their sides and the man spoons the woman from behind. It certainly helps if your guy is well endowed, like mine! Clasping is great for slow, deep, sensual lovemaking and extra special for the woman, as it leaves the man’s hands free to explore other parts of her body as well.

Hey gals. Ethan and I are really putting a dent in that Kama Sutra list he made me write. Oh, did I mention that I just keep adding to it? Hee hee. I still can’t believe we’ve been going out for nearly a month! Last night, we ordered pizza in—you know how much my cooking sucks—and started watching a movie. Ethan whispered “Clasping” in my ear and before I knew it, we were naked on the living room floor, kissing and holding each other. I swear that man knows the positions better than I do. It was so incredibly romantic, simply lying in each other’s arms, so close it was as if we were one person. Of course, the fact that he has a huge cock certainly helped. LOL. He’d kill me if he knew all the things I share with you girls. Oh crap, there he is, beating on the door. Damn man never remembers his key.

Talk to you later.


  1. Wow. Kevin and I are sooo going to go get that book. And keep the details, um, coming. You know, research and all that.

  2. do they...I can he...her legs are closed...boy, I must be sharp as a brick. Better go get the book so I can figure this one out.