Saturday, December 19, 2009

Position of the week—Tigress

The one really puts the woman in control. It involves the man lying on his back while the woman sits on top facing away from him. Sort of like riding a horse backward, but what a ride, ladies! Talk about hitting all the hot spots. I had multiple orgasms with this one.

Grwrrr! Holy crap. Ethan showed up at my work yesterday and demanded that I take the rest of the day off. Said we were going somewhere special. We went out for a super-romantic lunch then he surprised me by booking a suite in the swankiest hotel in town. There was champagne and strawberries in the room and he’d even brought some romantic music and we slow danced! I was so hot for him by the time the music ended, I accidentally tore his shirt trying to undress him. We ended up on the floor as always and that was when I pushed him down on his back and gave him my personal brand of thank you in the form of the Tigress. Oh yeah, who’s queen of the jungle now?

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