Sunday, December 20, 2009

Let's get it on

Yeah baby! I've finally found my groove, my move... my rrrrrroar!

You won't believe what happened! Lee escorted me to the fund raiser last night. Talk about feeling like the belle of the ball! It was amazing and unlike my ex, Lee's focus was all on me. I kept waiting for the clock to strike midnight and turn me into a pumpkin.

And OMG, I had sex in the powder room! Well, sort of. Oral sex and let me tell you, the top of my head nearly flew off. It was... amazing. I couldn't believe that was me. And later, when we got back to my house.... well, let's just say that I have a new theme song ... and am ready and eager to explore multiple and diverse ways of getting it on!

I think I found sexual nirvana! And now I need to sleep. Or not:) Lee just came out of the shower and from the looks of things sleep ISN'T on his mind.


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