Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hear me ROAR!

Oh. My. God.

I know I sound like a teenager saying that, but who cares? You know I was getting a tattoo the other day. Well, I did. I’ll post a picture of it, but what happened at the tattoo parlor is far more interesting than the ink.

I DID IT! The artist, Errol, was a HOT- YOUNG -STUD. Can you say muscle bound and bald? While he was putting on my tat, I looked over to the side a saw a picture of him wearing leather and holding two floggers. Uh-huh. Floggers. I got so turned on. He noticed and before you know it we were talking about sex. Ladies… he owns a private BDSM club. You know-- like in that book we were taking about at RomantiCon?

He invited me. ME! Yes, Monica, I went. And then I went back. The first night he introduced me to the furniture and the toys. I returned the next night to play with some other members of the club, a sexy dominatrix and her slave boy. Don’t every body faint. I met the Cougar Challenge. I will be seeing lots more of Errol in the future. He actually likes me. Can you believe it?

So, there you have it. I had two younger men and one younger woman…or rather, they had me. LOL


  1. It's about damn time. I was afraid your hootchie couldn't cootchie anymore. You know what they say, use it or lose it. BTW, can we call you Slave Girl now? 'Cause that works for me on so many different levels. *grin*

  2. MONICA! Bite your tongue. You can't lose it. Its like riding a bike, right? Someone please say yes. *biting fingernails*

    Yay, Stevie. I can't believe you went to a real BDSM club, more than once, and participated. Way to go!

  3. LOL @Monica. You go girl!! Love the tat, BTW. And your guy, Errol, sounds yummy. Sort of like a Bruce Willis, maybe?

  4. THUD!

    Yes, that was the sound of me hitting the floor. Stevie!! OH.MY.GOD! Not only did you meet the challenge you did it with unique style:)

    Two younger men AND a younger woman. Jeeze, talk about an over-achiever! Just kidding. I'm stunned. Amazed. In awe. Jealous as hell.

    So, how about some details? I am still existing on erotic romance novels and the exploits of others and it sounds like you've have some hot hot HOT tidbits to share:)

    Way to go, Stevie!! You're my heroine:)

  5. about jumping smack dab into the middle of things! Color me IMPRESSED!

  6. HOLY. CRAP. I'm speechless. Really speechless. The only thing that keeps popping into my head is WOW, followed quickly by HOLY! CRAP!

    Stevie--you ROCK!

  7. 'scuze me, dammit, I just spewed my coffee all over the screen. Monica, I think it's safe to say that Stevie's hootchie can still cootchie...and then some!