Friday, December 18, 2009

Hot Damn!

OMG you won't believe what happened to me!!

I signed up at a new gym and went for my initial meeting with a personal trainer. So naturally like the eager beaver I am (no pun intended) I show up early. I was waiting in the juice bar (texting with Stevie and Edie) when the trainer, Lee Holiday, walked in.

I damn near swallowed my tongue (well after I rolled it back up into my mouth.) Can you say Hot - damn hot - crotch pot, pantie melting hot???

So, we're chatting and suddenly the bright moment turned to total crap because who shows up but Kandy. Yes, freaking Kandy with a 'K' - the barbie doll that my ex cheated on me with.

I don't know what possessed me. I just couldn't face another episode of her "oh Cammie, how are you, poor little lonely old thing." So I grabbed Lee and planted one on him. Yes, me. I did.

Well girls, I got quite a shock. He didn't shove me away or pull back. In fact, he pulled me right onto his lap and gave me a kiss that could've curled my hair without the permanent wave solution. It definitely curled my toes and flipped the on switch to the old libido motor.

I almost forgot Kandy with a K was standing there. Yippee, yahoo and big high five for me - I got to gloat over the total look of shock on her face. And Lee pretended that we are an item - which I'm sure frosted her wheaties.

It was a grand moment. Only when she left I felt more than a bit insecure and made an excuse to leave before the end of my session. Yeah, I know, chicken chicken. But I'm going back today.

Oh! And he told Kandy that he's going to be escorting me to the fund raiser I organized that's happening next weekend. WTF? I wonder if he was serious? Just in case I think I'll go shopping for a new dress.

And maybe a black lace thong. Hey, a girl can dream!!


  1. OMG, Cam!! He sounds absolutely yummy inside and out. Kandy with a 'K'? Sour apple witch with a 'B' deserves to eat your dust - and choke on it.
    Damn straight you should buy that black lace thong, and a red one, too. Quit dreaming and make it a reality!

  2. Oh Cam!! Love the muscles on Lee. Definitely, buy the black lace thong. And hey, pick up a few more colors. I have a feeling Lee will just tear them right off you. *big smile*

    Do it, woman!!

  3. Dream away, baby! He sounds completely delish, so go for it!

  4. So accommodating. Usually jocks are way less sensitive. You lucky thing, you!

  5. Woohoo! Go for it, Cam! He sounds dreamy!

  6. Well, where's the rest of the story woman???

    Did you do it? Are we all hooked up now? I can't believe we ALL found a younger man! Who would have thought it when we were drinking and joking about it back at RomantiCon. We all did it. Woooooo....