Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dear Santa...

I've been good this year - depressingly good. But I promise to be bad if you would just deliver the perfect gift to me this year.

Here's a picture so you'll know just want I'm looking for.

And hey, if you can see your way clear to fulfilling my Christmas wish, I'll slide down your chimney:)


  1. You and be both! I can be whatever Santa wants if he'll leave a hunk like that one under my tree!

  2. You're not the only one that been good I'd do anything if I got him from Santa. Everyone could keep all their presents if I could have him or one just like him.

  3. No returns on that gift, huh? LOL

    Where do you want the bow????

  4. I just had a thought....

    Does this just leave you and me, Cam??? Are we the only ones who haven't bucked up and accepted Monica's Challenge from the original group?

    And to think.... we were the wild one's at the bar during RomantiCon...

    Everybody's had such fun. I can't even bring my self to blog. The rest of the girls find these pictures and then went out and found at least one young hottie. Me-- I found a mouse in my Kitchen. Oh... I'll quit whining now... Waa waaa waaa...

  5. Holy macaroni. Put a cherry on that and I'll take him for any occasion. That present doesn't even require accessories (sold separately.)

    Cam and Stevieeeeeeeee!! That's right, I'm calling your names. It's your turn::tapping foot impatiently:: You two need to give yourself the gift of a young sex god.

  6. It is kind of ironic that it's the two of you left, isn't it? Turn it around, and go for it! Hmmm. Wasn't it one of you who said, "So many cubs, so little time?" Ok, maybe that was in my head from being around all of those Romanticon models.
    Seeing this guy, I may have to become a tattoo artist. Wonder where else he has them hiding?

  7. Is he one size fits all?

    Hey, leave Cam and Stevie alone or I'll have no one to commiserate with at next year's get together!

  8. Stevie looks like we're on the hot seat. And hey, ya'll Stevie and I were not the wild women of the convention. Okay, maybe that one night in the bar when those three hunky models were buying shots... but... but ...

    Okay, I'm offically pathetic. No hunting skills at all. Maybe I'll join an exercise class or a gym or take dance lessons or visit a male revue club.

    Or just sit here with my chocolate chip muffin and whine:)

  9. His bod's great. But, nipple rings do nothing for me. All I can think is "OUCH!"