Monday, December 7, 2009

Getting Ink.

Hey ladies!

I decided to get a tattoo! Cool, right? I picked the Ankh-- the sign of eternal life and the soul. Here’s a pic of one. I chose the Ankh because it was on the side of that big mobile home EC had parked outside the hotel at RomantiCon. I was looking at the picture of the group of us and that’s when it hit me—it would perfect.

I know this may sound like a cop out to some of you (Monica), but I’ve not had much luck even convincing myself to attempt to seduce a younger man. So, instead of going out and having a disaster of an embarrassing moment, which would surely put me in therapy, I’ve decided to get the tat.

I love that you all have done it. You grabbed those hot men and made it happen. I’m even happier some of you found real love. This Cougar Challenge is just not for me.
Looking at them is okay. ;) I can do that, so I’ll leave you with some pictures of tattoos-- just for inspiration.


  1. Stevie, don't you apologize. I don't think you're trying to cop out. You're just being honest. And I truly do understand. As many times as I've thought about it, I can't do the "hunt to seduce" thing either.

    And sadly, don't even have the courage for a tattoo. But I love your idea and hope you'll send pics when it's finished.

    ANd hey babe, we're still cougars - just the variety that likes to bask in the sun and watch:) Or as I like to say these days, I'm in stand-by mode (standing by and waiting for something to happen).


  2. The tattoo idea is very cool and I'll be the first to admit my success in the Cougar Challenge was nothing but dumb luck. I'm as seductive as a snowman, but mercifully Ethan saw something in me. I thank my lucky stars every night for that fact!

    Good luck on the ink. I can't wait to see it at Romanticon next year!

  3. Stevie, don't you dare get down on yourself. We've all been there, done that. If Mitchell Brand hadn't been part of the ranch I bought on eBay I's probably still be stuck in neutral, trying to suck up the courage to seduce a young hunk. So I'll be the second to admit that I tiptoed around our Cougar Challenge and luck not only tossed Mitch into my lap but gave him the nudge to make the first move. And to make me appreciate myself. So you just hang in there and get your attoo. Hell, I might evemn get one myself. Someplace interesting that Mitch can discover by accident!!!!!!!

  4. Never say never, Stevie! I did, and look where I am now!

  5. It was the Cougar Challenge that gave me the courage to recognize and act on Kevin's advances. Courage to approach him on my own? I was at the bar in the hopes of meeting someone. I was admiring him. That would have been the extent of my actions if he hadn't made a move.
    Relax. The tattoo sounds perfect, and getting one is something I've never had the courage to do, btw!

  6. I'm with Edie on this one, never say never. That's like challenging the cosmos to prove you wrong. *G*

    Congrats on the ink. Where did you put the Ankh and how bad did it hurt?

  7. I have a older woman younger man in my story Windswept shores (coming out in April from Pink Petal Books) The only reason I had the woman be older was I thought there wasn't enough stories written that way, and I wanted my couple to be way different.


  8. Stevie ~ You know I love the tattoo idea. Really. I don't have one. Pain and I do not have a good relationship. But, seriously honey, you need to get laid. Just sayin'. And I'll say it again. You need to get laid. A tattoo is no substitute for smoking hot sex with a sexy younger man. TRUST ME. Would I lie to you? Would I steer you wrong? I was right about this whole challenge thing, wasn't I? And you've seen what my cougar hunt turned up. Rawrrr. What have you got to lose?