Monday, October 11, 2010

One man or two, if he's younger I've got a wee problem, don't I?

This hot affair of mine with Trey and Gage is nothing like I have ever known, it is so thrilling.

But this afternoon, an acquaintance in town (whom I KNOW is just pea green with envy) saw me with both men and called me "a lucky old thing."

Suddenly, I'm not as concerned about the folks I've known for years, as I am the reaction of my only child, my son who soon comes home for the weekend.

Rissa, you have children. Tell me what you said to them. How you broke the news that you loved a younger man. I am in such a mess here, upset at myself, shocked and heart-broken, too, that I might just be a coward after all!

Autumn, you live near a small town. How do you deal with what others’ think of your relationship with a man who is younger than you are?

Lori, why do I have this feeling that I need to be just like everyone else?


  1. Oh, boy. Well, I didn’t get to tell my kids. Mariah figured things out and was very upset until she got to know JD. I think she was worried that my being with him would change our relationship. Robby never had a problem. He and JD hit it off from the get go.

    Don’t wait. Gage and Trey could get hurt, feel that you are embarrassed to be with them. Sit down with your son and tell him the facts. You are a woman in your prime, your life is far from over and you have the right to enjoy yourself. Make sure he understands that your relationship with him won’t change. That you will always love him. And tell him how happy you are with Gage and Trey. Knowing Mom’s happy will most likely be his primary concern.

  2. Hi, Belle,
    I hear you thinking this over, worrying it to death. From the start of your decision to take the Challenge, you knew age had nothing to do with great sex. Now you know age has little to do with loving another person. Even two other persons. Accept that. Embrace it.

    Best to you, babe!