Monday, September 27, 2010

One Man of My Own? Please!

Dear Cougars, HELP! I've told you how I live in a small ranching town of two thousand--and trust me, I have looked for a man to warm my bed. Old or young, no man lives within shouting distance who thrills me! A young man in my bed sounds like a swell idea. Someone who has the stamina and the energy to give me one heart-pounding night of non-stop love.
But how can I take the Cougar Challenge if I can't find one?
I'm a widow. For five years running. And lonely.
I had a marvelous marriage and I miss my husband. But life goes on...and I feel it's going on without me.
I've read these books. I LOVE this COUGAR CHALLENGE. The women are gutsy, taking their lives into their own hands.
But a younger man?
Come on.
What can a younger man know what an experienced woman wants?
I like men. I love men. But damn, if I can find one in my one-horse town who appeals to me. Young. Old. Somewhere in between. Nada here in southwest Texas, honey.
And like the song goes, I'm not talking about forever, baby. That would be too demanding. I'm just talking about hooking up and hanging out. I'm just talking about tonight. And heart-pounding, inventive, scrumptious sex.
Are you a lady of a certain age with similar aspirations?
If so, tell me what I do, where I go to find a man with great moves and a love of women who adore sex. Hmm?
Crazy in Texas


  1. “Hey, darlin’! Haven’t I told you that you must expand your horizons? I mean, honey, you’ve gotta think outside the box. There is a whole world of juicy, hot stuff out there if you’ll only open your eyes. Hey, look at me. Who’d a thunk I would find the man of my dreams drilling for crude practically in my back yard. Look, don’t stress it. Take a breath, settle back, look around and don’t let age be a factor. Do yourself some cougar prowlin’, hunt that man down and take what you want. Enjoy! It’s long past time, don’t you think?


  3. Hmm. What about the towns around you, or two or three over from you? Some of them have to have more than 1 horse!

  4. Hmm. Elizabeth, I should go look "next door." Will let you know how I do.

  5. And hotcha, I am always ready for a man who wants to settle down, providing I want to "settle" with him!

  6. Take a real good look arounde, Belle. Check the ranches. And also where those hot youhng cowboys hang out. Just put on your tempting Cougar outfit and they'll find you.Oh, and check out the rodeo schedule. I promise you'll have to beat them off with a stick.

  7. Ooh sounds interesting. I would have thought that there were plenty of hunky, young and willing cowboys in Texas.
    Good hunting


  8. “Belle! You are a prime candidate for the Cougar Challenge.

    Times have changed—thank goodness—and so have women. It all boils down to embracing your sexuality and going after what you desire. You are strong, confident and have the experience to know what you want, both in and out of bed. Trust me, that’s a major turn-on for any man.

    There’s also the naughty aspect of doing something taboo and let’s face it, forbidden fruit is the sweetest temptation!

    My advice is to keep an open heart and mind while burning up the sheets with those hot young studs. You may not be looking for more than a good time but life has a way of providing the very thing you’ve failed to realize you need.

    Oh, and don’t forget details. I expect to hear all the steamy details about your cougarlicious exploits! Now get out there and have some fun. You deserve it!