Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanks For Inviting Me To Be A Cougar

Hi, all you cougars!

Sure, I’d like to challenge myself to be a cougar. But damn, I’m torn. I have a dozen young men on payroll. It would feel like raiding a high-school basketball game when my boys were playing. I try to stay away from the jobs because I don’t want my foreman to think I’m second-guessing him, but I do so love to watch them wrestling balled and burlaped trees into holes they’ve been digging. Especially in mid-summer, when they take off their T-shirts because they’re so hot and sweaty, watching those muscles bunch and strain, well, it’s enough to make me want to go for it.

I can just see the next ad I place in the paper: “Landscaper with twenty years’ experience looking for hard-bodied men not afraid to sweat or expend energy. Must be between 25 and 35.”
But suppose I do find someone way younger? What would my employees think? That I’m robbing the cradle? That I’m fair game? Eeek! They’ll send the State Police after me.

P.S. Thanks to Rissa, I found this photo of the type of hunk I’d like to meet. She told me about Nicole Austin’s inspirational pix. Whew!


  1. Hey Giselle! Remember what we talked about? Younger is better. Just look at Mitch and me and you’ll know what I mean. And don’t let your employees stop you from grabbing onto life. Hey, I wondered the same things about the hands at the ranch here, and you know what? They all ENVY Mitch and think I’m hot, hot, hot. So go for it, girl.

  2. Let 'em send the police. Maybe one of the cops who show up will be your younger man!

    Don't be shy, Girl. Gof or it.


  3. You're talking yourself out of it before you even give it a chance! No "what if's" allowed! What you're looking for here is, "so be it."
    p.s. If you do place that ad, you might want to specify that you're a female landscaper.

  4. Don't make the same mistake I almost made and let an opportunity slip by. Go for

  5. Thanks for the pep talks. I absolutely needed them. I'm ready to rowwwwwwl!

  6. Hey, girl! I am SO glad you are going for it! I would have missed out on so much if the rest of the Cougars hadn't encouraged me!

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