Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Do I Kill Rachel Bridges or Hug Her?

Hello. My name is Darci and I’m a cougar. Well, a cougar wannabe. Actually, that’s not right either. Let me start again.

G’day. I’m Darci, I’m Australian and my friend Rachel Bridges just laid down a challenge I can’t possibly refuse. Before I even knew I had a thing for younger men, Rach did (she’s quite intelligent, isn’t she?).

After only a few telephone conversations, Rachel realized what I needed and sent me the best kick up the butt I could ask for (although I’m still in shock that she did *grin*)—an invitation to join this blog and the amazing women on it.

Why the hell can’t a woman in her forties have the best sex of her life with a man in his twenties? Who decided we have to settle for the saggy-bottomed, remote-hogging men of our own age? Why the hell do I feel guilty when I flirt with a younger man?

Enough, I say! I want what society has long said I can’t have, dammit!

Rachel, I accept your challenge. This Cougar Down Under is ready to be tempted.


(BTW—I hope you like the pictures of some very delicious Aussie “cubs” I’ve included.)

(BTW, again. Is it PC to use the term “cub” or am I just bowing to the media’s latest manipulation of the English language?)

(BTW, one last time. I babble. A lot. Sorry.)


  1. ooo I think you hug her! Some of us have found bliss with our man of choice. Not sure how mine would appreciate being called a cub!
    Okay, he says he likes it, and what am I doing at the laptop when I could be doing something far more interesting?
    Go for it, Rachel, get your man! Or cub!

  2. Oh, YUM! Those are some hot hunks you have down under, love.