Thursday, July 29, 2010


Help! I need serious cougar reinforcement and advice.

After my husband died I didn't date and the few affairs I had were conducted away from my kids. Well, my daughter called this morning while JD and I were making breakfast and he answered the phone.

To say Mariah freaked out would be putting it lightly. The darn kid is too smart for her own good. She could tell from his voice that he's younger than me and she connected the dots with relative ease. You have no idea how embarrassing it is to be confronted by your child about your sex life. She threatened to come home or send her brother home to "kick some ass."

I took the cordless phone into the bedroom, JD followed and proceeded, distract me. Mariah knew something was going on. I told her that I'm single and in my prime, and that her father would have wanted me to enjoy life. JD wanted me to tell her about him and proceeded to do wicked things to me with his tongue. I had to end the call before I was moaning into the phone.

It's my own fault for putting this part of my life on hold and never letting the kids see me around men other than family. They just aren't prepared for the reality of mom being human and having sex. Oh Lord, what a mess! The last thing I need is my kids racing home to confront my much younger lover. Yikes! What the heck do I do now? How do I handle this?



  1. Okay. First take a deeo breath. I didbn't have kids so I can't personally relate but honey, you are so entitled to your own life. Think how it validates you to have this hot young stud in your bed and your kitchen. As soon as your kids see the glow on your face...and see how JD cares for you and respects you...the troubles will blow away. Do NOT shove him out the door, the one that just opened for you. Hang onto what you've got. It will be so totally worth it.

  2. Rissa! First, you sit yourself down and repeat after me. “I deserve to have a sex life. I am woman, hear me roar!” Next, sit your daughter down and gently but firmly draw the line. This is something I had to do with my girls, too. Turns out what they were really looking for was reassurance that my relationship with them wasn’t going to change, and that I really did know what I was doing with Kevin. Then sit JD down and reassure him that your relationship with your daughter is not going to dictate how you feel about him. Rissa, I may be delving too deep here, but it sounds like JD used the only option you left open for him to get his point across. Your refusal to tell Mariah about him probably hurt. You’ve got a good thing going here. Don’t let anyone but you and JD dictate where this relationship goes.

  3. Yeah, well, when they show up and find you two naked and draped across the couch, they’ll get used to it fast enough! LOL Live your life for you not them. You’ve done that already.


  4. Oh boy, this is tough, honey. Listen up! First, settle down a little bit and when you are good and calm, have a heart to heart with her. Tell her what you just told us. You are a woman in your prime and your life isn’t over. Why shouldn’t you have love and happiness and all the good things? Assure her that your relationship with them won’t change. You love them but why shouldn’t you have your own happily ever after?

  5. Hi Cougars! Giselle here. Thanks for inviting me to join you.

    Rissa, I’m glad you posted. As a widow myself with two sons in college, I’m devouring everyone’s responses as to how to handle the situation when the time comes. No, I don’t have a cougar cub yet, but I’m willing!

  6. Rissa, I almost made the mistake of living for my family instead of for myself. Don't do it! It isn't fair for you or them. Do what makes you happy. You won't regret it, I promise.


  7. Thanks, ladies. My son is handling my new life better than my daughter but she'll come around. My worry now is JD. He wants this to become a long-term deal but I'm not ready to settle down. Heck, I'm just getting back out there and enjyoing myself.