Thursday, November 12, 2009

Who knew they did these in glass?

Do I get my toaster now? We did it. But I’m in deeper than I meant to be. He’s great in bed and out and his invention in bed is amazing.

Girls, the man has a collection. When he said he had toys, I thought he meant handcuffs and stuff like that, but no.
Remember the Plaster Casters? They took casts of the erect cocks of rock stars back in the day. John has a collection - done in glass! And he had one done of his own to go with the set.
Guess which one I chose?

I thought I was experienced. I am, but while I might have done the things we do before, I haven’t done them with him, felt the perfection of being with him. What is happening to me?


  1. Who needs a toaster when you've got a hot man with a "special collection"!!!

    And what's happening to you? Well, honey, you're having fun, feeling the joy of being with a man who adores you ... and getting regular sex. Sounds like a dream to me:)

    (And since I'm not getting any, pass the toaster over to me.)

  2. You're letting loose and having fun! Glass, huh? Do tell!

  3. I think I've just been left speechless!

    Damn, gotta admit I love living vicariously through you! The things you get into!!!

  4. Hmmm the tagline possibilities for me are endless. :::snicker:::