Sunday, November 22, 2009

Where is everyone???

Phil called and like an idiot I picked up the phone before I realized it was him. I swear he must have radar. Ding! Elizabeth is planning to have sex and as always, it’s up to me to make sure she doesn’t enjoy it. Let’s see, which cut is best for the occasion…let’s go with a mix of boobs and overall performance this time. You want to know what he said? Drumroll, please…
“Bigger tits wouldn’t hurt but they wouldn’t help you in the sex department.”
Okay, I know he’s an asshole. I know he’s just saying these things to get to me but I’ve only had sex with one other guy. It was before Phil and it wasn’t great either. It just kind of…was, like with Phil.
Shit. Kevin is due here in forty-five minutes. Do I really have what it takes to satisfy a man, let alone a hot younger man?
Forty-four minutes to detox from the ex…


  1. You're beautiful, sweetie, he isn't. Forget Phil. You're on to a much better thing now.

  2. I think you just haven't found the right guy yet. Why do they always lay blame for bad sex. Who says their the pro. I mean maybe it's Phil and your prevvious male friend that have the problem. You've only been with 2 guys they could just both be duds in the bedroom so to speak. Get your sonfidence up girl and show Kevin what you got...

  3. Honey you REALLY have to start checking your caller ID and when the rat bastard calls exercise your option to NOT ANSWER. Or barring that, use what you get from those conversations to fuel your fire to pick up the pace with Kevin.

  4. You know how you can be the most confident person in the world, and then you come in contact with someone from your past and it's like you've never grown from that time in your youth?
    I went thru that after I hung up, but I gave Phil shit right back while we were on the phone. I absolutely know he's wrong about me, and I also know that I'm going to fight that inclination to believe him until I prove him wrong.
    And I'll have fun doing it!