Thursday, November 5, 2009

So, Here's What Happened...

I know you all are dying to hear what happened when I went out and met the Cougar Challenge. Here's the scoop.

I went to a bar. It was a bar that my ex used to go to when he was in law school, lots of graduate students there. Prime younger man material. Right? Wrong. It turned out that a young college crowd has taken it over. Ugh. I walked into a nightmare. I shoved through the crowd to the bar and ordered a scotch, and what to my eye-popping delight appeared but an absolutely gorgeous bartender. The best part was, I didn't have to put the moves on him. He put them on me. He pretty much had me at "I'm your man."

Long story short, I went home with him. And his roommate. Uh, yeah. It was a two for one hot younger man deal. LOL The bartender's name is Sam. We hit it off right away. His roommate's name is Josh. Honest to God, ladies, I did things that I never imagined, except in my wildest fantasies, that I would do. (That is NOT Sam and Josh, but you get the mental picture.) Sam wants to see me again. He begged me to give him a chance. I admit I'm a little scared. I thought my ex had cured me of any desire to get involved with a younger man again. But Sam can be very persuasive.

He pulled out the, "Of all the gin joints in the world, she walks into mine." So then I agreed to give Sam a chance and we made love all day. By Friday I should be recuperated enough to see him again. Well, I am going to see him Friday. What I really meant was to have sex again. Because I really, really want to have sex with Sam again. And again. And then, if possible, again.

Honestly, last night was the best thing I ever did for myself. Even if Sam and I hadn't connected like we did, I still wouldn't regret it. For the first time in years I feel alive and sexy and self-confident. I could take on the world! I am cougar, hear me roar!

I think even if I'd only found Josh last night, I'd still be pretty happy about the whole thing. He was sweet and hot and sexy and helped make the night unforgettable. But he's not interested in me romantically. For Josh and for me it was a once-in-a-lifetime thing. A chance to live out our fantasies. I think a lot of younger guys out there fall into this category. And yes, a threesome is indeed as hot as the books make it sound. Even more so. Two guys completely absorbed in making you come as many times as possible? As Josh says, win-win situation.

(This is me and Sam. Not really, but it will be on Friday. For about ten seconds before I rip the jeans off of him.)

So eat your hearts out, ladies. I am now an experienced cougar! Cam, do you want a picture of me so you can put me at the top of the blog with Rico? *grin*


  1. Oh my God, baby, you are there! Congratulations. Your encounter has made you so happy, I really love it!

  2. This, too, can be you!! Don't be afraid to go for it Edie. You won't regret it.

  3. I knew you would go through with this--But TWO?? Oh my. I expect a phone call.

  4. Oh.My.God!! Hell yeah I want a photo! Does that mean you'll be visually recording the next event to share with the less fortunate? Okay, so I live through the adventures of others.

    Monica I bow to your greatness. You go girl!!

  5. Shut. The. Hell. Up.

    A menage? Two hot younger men. Um...think it's safe to say you are my idol. I worship at your feet! Have a blast on Friday, but make sure you're able to post Saturday morning (bright and early). I'm living vicariously through you now!

  6. Sam might draw the line at photographic evidence. But...he turned out to have a kinky streak a mile wide. lol He was as surprised by his as I was by mine. Stay tuned. We'll see what else this roller coaster ride has in store for us. One thing's for sure, it won't be boring!

  7. Damn you go Cougar girl !!!!!!

  8. Do you know how hard it is to talk when your jaw is on the ground? Wow. So...where is this bar, are there any other cute bartenders (with or without roommates!), and honey, those details better be posted first thing Sat.!