Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I met a younger man!

Hey, tonight started out pretty dismal but I ended up having a great time. Not only did I meet a perfect guy for the challenge, I discovered a coworker has serious friend potential. I’m honestly not sure which one excites me more but I do know which one you all want to hear about! His name is Kevin and he’s about six-foot-one and full of muscle. Okay, now I have that song by those guys from Australia in my head. No, he doesn’t come from the land down under but you can tell it really was 80s night at the bar! He has wavy, light brown hair that falls below his collar and the deepest, dark green eyes I’ve ever seen.
He calls me Elle. At first it made me wonder if I would be better off pretending to be someone else but it got a little weird so I came clean. He can still call me Elle though.
Oh and did I mention that he kisses like a dream? LOL! We’re supposed to go out next Friday night but I’m going to save time and make something to eat here. Better yet, we’ll do takeout.


  1. Good for you girl......

    Bet you can't wait til friday

  2. Stay tuned, Misty. Friday's coming early for our girl, Elizabeth. It's amazing how time flies in cyberspace!

  3. You do write some very good articles that keep you hooked till the end and want you to keep reading on and not alot of articles do that for me. This one on you meeting a younger man was a great read. Thanks for posting it.