Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I did it!

I met John Sung again last night and I took him home. He’s the most amazing man. Girls he’s ten years younger than me! Can you believe this is the first younger man I’ve ever dated? And by ‘dated’ I don’t mean ‘went out with’ I mean got hot and heavy with. He’s intense sexy—and he doesn’t want me to have the surgery. Says it would be like whitewashing the Mona Lisa. Nuts. I never saw what Leonardo saw in her anyway. She could have done with a bit of lip-plumping at least.

This man is seriously hot. He made me come just by touching my nipples. Can you believe that? He asked me to call him tomorrow. I don’t know. Should I? Or should I let this be just one of those ships-in-the-night things. Thing is, while I’m seeing him we’re on a bet and the prize is that I don’t have the surgery. I have a TV interview coming up and if I want surgery I need it soon so I can recover enough to appear. They can do wonderful things these days fast but not that fast. I’m running out of time.


  1. Hot, sexy, younger man who can apparently make you come with just a thought vs. ... surgery?! And this is a hard decision? Exactly who do you think you need to look better for if this young, hot Dr. guy thinks you're already gorgeous?

    What does the bet involve? Unless it's illegal or unethical I think you should call him. And I might blur the lines on those a little in his favor.

  2. Okay, I have to agree with Monica here - smokin' hot younger man that makes you come like the eruption of Krakatoa or going under the knife? Well, darling, you have to do what's right for you, but like the sexy Doc says, you're already beautiful and he's hot for your bod exactly the way it is.

    And this bet? Take a risk, baby and PICK UP THE PHONE!!

  3. Darn, Ci, what are you doing here? But hey, I agree with Monica and Ciana.

    I want to know more about this bet! And I think Doc Love Muffin is right, you ARE gorgeous the way you are.

    So what are you waiting for? Call the man!!!

  4. Sweetheart, who's to say you will STAY happy with just one trip under the knife.

    Ultimately, the sexiest woman in the room is the one that owns her sexuality. Hot to trot and looking for a stallion, wear your confidence like slinky lingerie... and a little of that too!

    CALL HIM.. and ride him hard.. *evil smile*

  5. Jeeze, Edie.

    Surgery is so serious. There are so many things that could go wrong... and for what? Forget what the Hollywood machine is telling you. Those people care more about the money you make them than you.

    Go for the hot Doc... Drop the knife.

  6. I'm holding off the surgery for now. But not John Sung!

    The bet? He bet me that if he can make me feel good about a part of my body as it is now, I wouldn't have the surgery. If I still feel I want the surgery, he'll pay for it.

    Win win?