Monday, October 26, 2009

I'm dreaming about cowboys

Just trying to find my niche in the world, the place to take my walk on the wild side. Been browsing eBay (I, know, I know, you can't buy a man on eBay...yet!) but I saw this ranch for sale (so I'm crazy, Shoot me.) And then I came across this picture of a cowboy and I can't get him out of my mind. Talk about instant horny. I've always played it so safe, but y'all gave me the courage to push the envelope. Don't you think this guy is worth looking for?

Hugs from Autumn


  1. Oh what I've give to be that teddy bear!!

    Ranch? As in horses and wearing shit-kickers (can I say that here) and riding the range with men who KNOW how to sit a horse in that oh-so-sexy way? Oh girl!! I'll chip in - go bid!!!

  2. Only you, Autumn! A ranch on ebay??!! LMAO.

    Gotta warn you though...if that cowboy came as part of the deal, I'd be bidding against you!

  3. There's a teddy bear in the picture?

    Would you get to see the ranch before final purchase? The whole idea is kind of insane, but I get what you mean about not being able to get it out of your mind once it's there. Who hasn't thought about chucking it all and starting from scratch?

  4. I wouldn't mind a cowboy who slept with his hand in my crotch just like he's got a hold of that teddy.

    A ranch? On ebay? Amazing. You really can buy anything on there. Did you look for one that came with a cowboy? Surely they've got one on there.

  5. Sorry so late in posting, ladies. You know me.

    He looks hot. No. I mean I think I need to take some water. Pour it over his chest to cool him off. Then, I could watch it trickle down into those open jeans!

    I have never heard of buying land on Ebay. You go girl.